How To Get Keratin For Strong Hair?

Keratin is known as the structural protein of the body that is present in the epithelial cells of the human body especially those associated with the hair, feathers, nails, horns and even with the skin. They play a vital role in regulating the cellular activities like those associated with the growth. Protein synthesis is also one of the functions performed by the keratin. The keratin protein is of two different types being alpha-keratins and the beta-keratins. The former are present in the hair and the skin. They are fibrous and are known for their specialised helical structure. The beta keratin on the other hand is an abundant protein in case of the birds and reptiles. The keratin is rich in the amino acids. The composition of the amino acids varies from tissue to tissue.

Hair is not just style, it is the personality. If the hair is not healthy, no matter how you style them they would not look impressive. The health of the hair is integral to the overall appearance of the hair. It is very important to add keratin to the food if you want to ensure healthy hair and glowing skin. There are a number of foods that can be taken in order to improve the keratin levels in the blood. Foods rich in minerals and vitamins are actually an abundant source of kertain Manly. The various subgroups of the foods also contain sufficient keratin to keep the hair strong, nail healthy and skin impressive. If you are having hair problems then add the following foods to get enough keratin for your hair:

  • Protein foods are rich in amino acids that are actually the core element involved in the production of Keratin. It is suggested by the nutritionists to consume more protein foods if we want our curly hair Balgowlah to get better supply of the keratin. Red meat, fish, poultry and dairy products are the rich source of the keratin. For the vegetarians there is also a wide range of products available that can add the keratin to their foods. These vegetarian options include nuts, and beans.
  • In order to increase the rate of metabolization of the amino acids it is highly recommended to start taking the foods that are rich in biotin. As a result of the metabolization keratin is created. Beans, mushrooms, grains, egg yolk and cauliflower are the rich source of biotin.
  • Vitamin A works like a catalyst for the keratin synthesis. As we start increasing the amount of Vitamin A in our foods a high level of keratin is fortified within the body. The orange veggies and fruits are rich in Vitamin A. if you are not in love with the orange foods like the raw carrots, butternut squash or pumpkin then you can switch to green vegetable for a great supply of Vitamin A.
  • The surveys and researches regarding food and nutrition show that vitamin D consumed through raw milk, tuna, salmon and eggs can help get better supply of keratin for hair.